Dear Student, you are about to apply as a new student or update registration profile as a Returning Student. Please, read carefully the following instructions as these will guide you through for a successful application and registration. Thanks.

    New Students Only

  1. Click on "New Student"

  2. Fill the form that appears carefully and note the "Reg No" generated for you automatically.

  3. Your Passport Photograpgh must either be in White or Red Background and not be more than (100kb) in Dimension of 110 by 140. It must also be named after your Full Name i.e Surname, First Name and Middle name.

  4. "Previous class" is for the class you were in your previous school while the "New class" is for the class into which you are making this application.

  5. Go through your form carefully and ensure there are no errors. Else, correct them.

  6. Click on the submit button.

  7. Print the confirmation page that appears on your screen.

  8. Returning Student Only

  9. Click on Returning Student

  10. Type in your Student Registration Number in the page comes up.

  11. Click on Proceed

  12. Confirm your biodata that shows on the page that appears.

  13. Fill the forms that are available on that same page such as "Residential Address", "Email Address", "Phone Number" e.t.c.

  14. Note that your New class remains the same as your current class if you are updating for a new term.

  15. Click on the Update button.

  16. Click on the Print image.

  17. Supply your "Registration Number" and click on "Proceed".

  18. General Information .

  19. Make three (3) copies of the confirmation page you printed.

  20. Proceed to the Administrative section of the school for your clearance.

  21. All complaints should be forwarded to or send us a mail through the "Contact Us" Page.

  22. NOTE:

    This Application is compatible with your mobile Android phones, tablets and ipads. For more information, pls contact: The Principal on (234)807-662-3105 or send a mail to Thanks.