About Us

Adura International Model College is an educational Institution in the post primary school cadre aimed at bringing up students to the required standard of education in line with the policy of education of the Nation.

The School which began with the Nursery and Primary school was founded in the year 1995 and later expanded to the Model college which was founded in the year 2001. Adura Schools is situated in the serene environment of Ogbere Estate. As a vision under the leading of the Holy Spirit, the school was established to build up the educational , moral and academic standard of students who will be able to meet up with the current trend in the educational system.

The School under the supervision of Mr and Mrs Olugbenga, Stephen Aremu , started with 55 students in JSS One. With the help of God and under the aspire of an amiable staff, the school has been able to make drastic progress and now has students in the Junior Secondary Section and Senior Secondary Section who are fit for writing the School Leaving Cerificate Examinations .

The school is blessed with dedicated, highly qualified, brilliant industrious and competent teaching staff in different fields. However, Students are prepared for internal and external examinations such as JSCE, Senior NECO and SSCE. It is worth commenting that Adura International has always been noted for excellent, impressive academic and sporting performances and is still pressing on to keep the high standard.

Student Activities

  1. Games
    1. Football
    2. 100 Metres ----Boys/Girls - Senior/Juniors
    3. 200 Metres ----Boys/Girls - Senior/Juniors
    4. 400 Metres ----Boys/Girls - Senior/Juniors
    5. 500 Metres ----Boys/Girls - Senior/Juniors
  2. Clubs
    1. Debate
    2. Dramatic Club
    3. Jet Club

Subjects Offered

The following are lists of subjects offered in the school.

Senior School

General Science
English Language Physics
Mathematics Chemistry
Biology Agricultural Science
Economics Further Mathematics
Computer Studies Animal Husbandary
Civic Education
Yoruba Language
Christian Religious Knowledge

Commercial Arts
Commerce Geography
Financial Accounting Lit in English
Marketing Government
Book Keeping

Junior School

English Language Mathematics
Business Studies Basic Technology
Basic Science Agricultural Science
Physical Education Christian Religious Studies
Health Education Fine Art
Civic Education Computer Studies
Social Studies French

Students Offices

The School provided for well behaved students the opportunity to hold some ruling offices over their colleagues and junior ones with full gender equality. Some of the Offices are listed below.

  1. Senior Prefect
  2. Asst. Senior Prefect
  3. Health Prefect
  4. Asst. Health Prefect
  5. Library Prefect
  6. Asst. Library Prefect
  7. Labour Prefect
  8. Asst. Labour Prefect
  9. Social Prefect
  10. Asst. Social Prefect
  11. Assembly Prefect
  12. Punctuality Prefect
  13. Asst. Punctuality Prefect
  14. Games Prefect
  15. Asst. Games Prefect
  16. Time Keeper
  17. Asst. Time Keeper